Bar and Restaurant Recycling


Join one of the bars and restaurants that recycle.

If you have a bar or restaurant in Hamilton County, we are here to help make recycling easier for you. We provide:

  • Technical assistance in setting up the program
  • Coordination of recycling services with your waste hauler
  • Indoor collection containers
  • Education for employees or customers
  • A decal promoting that your business recycles
  • Introduce your business on our Facebook page
  • Advertise your business on our webpage (as seen below)

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To set up a meeting or for more information, you may: call 513-946-7736; email; read more about the benefits of recycling; view the informational video; or complete the following form:

Bar and Restaurant Recycling
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Over 175 local bars and restaurants recycle in Hamilton County. Find one that recycles in your area by clicking on a region below.


Downtown Area
Americano Burger Bar
Boca (cardboard only)
Nada (cardboard only)

Uptown: Clifton Area
Clifton Heights Tavern
Clifton Market

College Hill

Eden Park

Elmwood Place
Andy’s Cafe

Mt. Adams
Crowley's Highland House

C&D Bar
The Hamilton

American Legion Post 123
The Capital Grille (cardboard only)
Jason's Deli (cardboard only)
Seasons 52 (cardboard only)

Music Hall Concessions (cardboard only)

Pleasant Ridge

Foley's Irish Pub (cardboard only)


Walnut Hills


Recycling is not only good for the environment; it can also reduce your overall trash costs. Here are some success stories we’ve already seen:

The Comet in Northside began recycling in 2009. In only 3 months the Comet recycled more than 26,000 beer and liquor bottles. The Comet has enjoyed a savings of $30/mo since the recycling program began. “Aside from space limitations, there is no good reason why this can’t be implemented throughout the city,” notes owner Dave Cunningham. He views it as win-win-win for bar owners, patrons and the environment.

Mac's Pizza Pub began recycling in 2010. After implementing recycling they were able to reduce their trash pickup from 5 times per week to 2 times per week. “This reduction constituted a significant savings. We still have 2 cardboard and one co-mingled pick-ups per week, so the frequency of pickups is the same, but the recycled items are less expensive to have hauled away than the trash,” says owner Mac Ryan.