Save the Food Seminar

Are you interested in discovering how to reduce wasting food in your home while saving money? We are happy to come to your workplace, club, mom’s group, etc., Monday through Thursday. A minimum of 12 participants is required for a program. 

Participants will leave armed with a "Simple Guide to Preventing Wasted Food" booklet, a fruit and vegetable storage guide, and a chance to win a storage solution. See below for a full description of the hour long workshop.

To book a presentation, email

If don’t have a group to gather but are interested in a future program, please send your name and request to to be added to our list.

Save the Food: Learn Tips and Tricks to Reduce Your Grocery Bill

40% of all food produced in the U.S. goes to waste. In addition, the changing habits of Americans these last 20 years has led to a myriad of health issues. This presentation teaches how to prevent food waste. It will discuss proper food storage, identify cultural shifts such as portion distortion, and address the misconceptions behind date labeling of foods. Attendees will leave equipped with information and resources needed to make the most of the food they purchase and understand the true value of food.