Michelle Balz serves as the solid waste manager. Contact Michelle at 513-946-7789.

Jenny Lohmann leads the District's Preventing Wasted Food initiative. Jenny also provides technical assistance to bars and restaurants wishing to recycle and reduce waste as part of their business operations. Contact Jenny at 513-946-7736.

Cher Mohring helps schools implement and/or expand their recycling and waste reduction programs as well as cafeteria food share tables. Cher also coordinates the District's Household Hazardous Waste Drop-off program. Contact Cher at 513-946-7737.

Gage Bradford works with Communities to provide assistance with waste reduction programs as the District's community specialist. Gage also helps universities reduce waste and supports a network of reuse organizations. Contact Gage at 513-946-7746.

Susan Schumacher coordinates the District's Yard Trimming Drop-off Sites program and provides administrative support to all District programs and staff. Contact Susan at 513-946-7734.

Mary Cropenbaker is the District's business outreach specialist, providing technical support to companies that aspire to reduce their waste and increase recycling. Mary also manages the District's Pollution Prevention Internship. Contact Mary at 513-946-7732.