Policy Committee

State law requires the formation of a local Solid Waste Management District Policy Committee to oversee the writing and implementation of the District’s Solid Waste Plan. In Hamilton County, the Policy Committee has historically functioned as a Policy Board in the truest sense—determining recycling policy for the County and leaving implementation to the District staff.

To receive bi-monthly e-mail notification of Committee Meetings and information relating to meetings, email Susan Schumacher.

2017 Meeting Dates
All meetings begin at 1:30 p.m. and are held at Hamilton County Environmental Services, 250 William Howard Taft Road, 1st Floor, Cincinnati, Ohio 45219 unless otherwise noted.

January 19: Agenda | Manager's Memo | Minutes | PDF of All Attachments

March 16: Agenda | Manager's Memo | Minutes | PDF of All Attachments

May 18: Agenda | Manager's Memo | Minutes | PDF of All Attachments 

July 20: Agenda | Manager's Memo | Minutes | PDF of All Attachments

September 21: Agenda | Manager's Memo | Minutes | PDF of All Attachments

November 16: Agenda | Manager's Memo | Minutes | PDF of All Attachments

2016 Meeting Dates

January 21: Agenda | Manager's Memo Minutes | PDF of All Attachments

March 17: Agenda | Manager's Memo Minutes | PDF of All Attachments

May 25:Agenda | Manager's Memo | Minutes | PDF of All AttachmentsChapter 1 - 6 Presentation

July 21: Agenda | Manager's Memo | Minutes | PDF of All Attachments

September 15: CANCELLED

November 17: Agenda | Manager's Memo | Minutes | PDF of All Attachments

2015 Meeting Dates
January 15:
 Agenda | Manager's Memo | Minutes | PDF of All Attachments | Solid Waste Management Plan Update Presentation 
March 19: Agenda | Manager's Memo Minutes | PDF of All Attachments | Residential Recycling Infrastructure Analysis Presentation
May 21: Agenda | Manager's Memo Minutes | PDF of All AttachmentsFinancial Analysis PresentationSpecial Waste Streams Analysis Presentation
July 16: Agenda | Manager's Memo Minutes | PDF of All Attachments | Waste Composition Analysis Presentation
September 17: Agenda | Manager's Memo | Minutes | PDF of All Attachments | Regional Analysis Presentation Business Sector Programs Analysis Presentation
November 19: Agenda | Manager's Memo Minutes | PDF of All Attachments | Special Needs Analysis Presentation Economic Incentive Analysis Presentation Outreach and Marketing Analysis Presentation

Financial Subcommittee Meeting Minutes

The Policy Committee approved the development of a financial subcommittee in July 2015, whose goal is to examine the District’s current financial position and assess the financial requirements and revenue sources needed during the solid waste management planning period. At the conclusion of their work, the subcommittee made its recommendation on the District’s revenue to the full Policy Committee.

October 20, 2015
November 13, 2015
January 12, 2016

Policy Committee Members


2016 Policy Committee Members
Todd Portune, Hamilton County Commissioner; Sophie Manaster, 2015-16 Student Representative; Holly Christmann, Director of Hamilton County Department of Environmental Services; Tim Ingram, Health Commissioner; Sue Magness, City of Cincinnati; Tom Turchiano, Public Member; Larry Riddle, Rumpke; Jeff Luehrmann, St. Bernard Soap Company; Elizabeth Bruggeman, General Interest Member. 

Mr. Todd Portune
Chair (appointed in 2015)
Hamilton County Commissioner
Email: todd.portune@hamilton-co.org
Phone: 513-946-4401

Mr. Jeff Ritter
Vice-Chair (appointed in 2016)
Township Representative
Colerain Township
Email: jritter@colerain.org
Phone: 513-385-7500

Ms. Sue Magness
Representative of Largest Municipality (appointed in 2009)
City of Cincinnati
Email: sue.magness@cincinnati-oh.gov
Phone: 513-352-5332

Mr. Tim Ingram
Representative of health department with the largest territory (appointed in 1993)
Hamilton County General Health District
Email: tim.ingram@hamilton-co.org
Phone: 513-946-7821

Mr. Jeff Luehrmann
Generator Representative (appointed in 2014)
St. Bernard Soap Company
Email: jeff.luehrmann@trilliumhcp.com
Phone: 513-242-2227 X3124

Ms. Elizabeth Bruggeman
General Interest Member (appointed in 2014)
Email: pbrugge@yahoo.com 
Phone: 513-699-7946

Mr. Tom Turchiano
Public Member (appointed in 2012)
Email: turch1@aol.com
Phone: 513-257-9794

Mr. Larry Riddle
Ex-Officio Member (appointed in 2000)
Rumpke Consolidated
Email: larry.riddle@rumpke.com
Phone: 513-851-0122

Ms. Lilly Witte
Student Representative – Non-Voting (appointed in 2016)
Seton High School