Annual Awards

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Hamilton County Residential Waste Reduction Champion - 
A resident of Hamilton County who has made an impact on the waste reduction efforts or the reuse of material in their community.

Outstanding School Waste Reduction Program - 
A K-12 school that goes above and beyond to reduce waste through the 3R’s, including wasted food prevention.

School Waste Reduction Champion - 
A K-12 educator, student, student group, or volunteer who provides outstanding opportunities for their students to learn about and practice waste reduction.

Outstanding Waste Reduction in a Multi-Family -
A Multi-Family community that has taken action to provide opportunities for the community members to reduce their waste going to landfill.

Workplace Waste Reduction Champion - 
An employee who has taken action to push forward waste reduction in the workplace and integrate waste reduction as part of company culture.

Outstanding Workplace Waste Reduction Program -
A commercial, property management, or industrial business in Hamilton County that has gone above and beyond to engage employees around waste reduction efforts or has made significant impacts in reducing their waste to landfill.

Outstanding Waste Reduction in a Bar or Restaurant Award -
A bar or restaurant that practices a culture of waste reduction through its efforts toward sustainability.

Excellence in Organics Diversion Award - 
An organization that has made significant progress toward diverting organic materials from being landfilled.

Innovation in Waste Reduction Award - 
A person or organization that has created an innovative mechanism to divert waste from going to the landfill.

Excellence in Reuse Award -
An organization that exemplifies the ability to promote the reuse of material that would have otherwise been landfilled.

Save the Food Award -
A person or organization that is dedicated to preventing the waste of food by following the EPA’s Food Recovery Hierarchy