Construction and Demolition Debris

Below are the six construction and demolition debris landfill locations in Hamilton County. Use these landfills for disposal of unusable debris from construction projects.

Updated 5/29/15


Hafner C & D
5445 Wooster Pike, Cincinnati, Ohio 45226; 513-321-1895
$50.85 for residential pick up truck load; no minimum charge

LA Supply
10776 Loveland-Madeira Road, Loveland, Ohio 45140; 513-683-9398
$40 per yard; will prorate for smaller amounts

Newtown Fill
7960 Main Street, Newtown, Ohio 45244; 513-271-8540
$50 for residential pick up truck, car, van, SUV load; no minimum charge


E-Town Landfill & Recycling, Inc.
10978 Hwy 50, North Bend, Ohio 45052; 513-353-1200
$40–$55 for residential pick up truck

New Baltimore
6950 River Road, Harrison, Ohio 45030; 513-851-9106
$6.50 per yard with a minimum of $50; price may be prorated for smaller amounts

Whitewater Reclamation
4250 Hooven Road, Cleves, Ohio 45002; 513-353-2555
$55.85 for residential pick up truck; no minimum charge