Multi-Family Recycling Success Stories

Multi-Family Property Saves Money by Offering Recycling

After receiving questions from the current and potential residents about on-site recycling, the management of Stetson Square in Corryville decided to look into what would be involved in setting up a recycling program. The large property of 205 units spread across two building with very different waste set-ups posed a challenge. Management called in the Hamilton County Recycling and Solid Waste Management District and Rumpke Recycling to help.

After touring the property and reviewing available space, everyone agreed that the two buildings required different recycling solutions. One building had enough space for a 6-yard recycling container while the other would use 95-gallon wheeled carts that take up less space and can easily be moved around. A special grant from Alcoa supplied each resident with a bin to store recyclables in their apartment.

Management kicked off the program with posters and flyers explaining the details and soon most of the residents were enthusiastically on board. The overwhelming participation allowed Stetson Square to double the recycling capacity in just a few months. Perhaps most impressively, Stetson Square was able to decrease the service to their 30-yard trash dumpster by one pickup per month, saving the management company $400 per month! Stetson Square now recycles 19 tons of material a year!

With proper planning and outreach to residents, multi-family properties are able to successfully offer recycling service to residents while reducing their waste collection costs. Any property in Hamilton County can take advantage of free assistance from the District and receive the added incentive of the cost of their first year of recycling covered by the District. For more information about multi-family recycling call 513-946-7737 or email Cher Mohring.