Recycling at Work

If you work in an office or manage an office building, you can receive free recycling assistance from Hamilton County through the Recycling at Work program. If you work in or manage a restaurant or bar, please visit our Bar and Restaurant Recycling Program page.jpg

How it Works

The District works with you and your waste hauler to develop the best recycling plan for your business. Your business receives free desk-side recycling containers, a recycling kick-off event, and employee education on what and how to recycle.

With Recycling at Work your business receives:

  • A customized recycling plan
  • Coordination of recycling services with your waste hauler
  • Education about recycling or a presentation for your employees
  • A decal advertising that your business recycles

Call 513-946-7732 or e-mail to learn more about how Recycling at Work can help you reduce waste and save money. Please include your business name and address.

Why Recycle?

If you would prefer to start recycling without the District’s help here are three general steps toward a successful program. To learn how, click here.

Call 513-946-7732 or e-mail for more help coordinating a business recycling program. Please include your business name and address.

To learn about other business programs offered by the District, click here.