Where does all the Garbage go? Application Form

What: Free Field Trip to Trailside Nature Center and Rumpke Landfill

Cost of transportation (up to $255 per bus) and student fees are subsidized by Hamilton County Recycling and Solid Waste District for those schools registered in the District’s Recycling Assistance Program (RAP).

Where: Stop 1: Trailside Nature Center at Burnet Woods,3400 Brookline Ave, Cincinnati, OH 45220
              Stop 2: Rumpke Landfill, 3800 Struble Road, Cincinnati, OH 45251

When: Wednesdays in January, February, and March

Time: Prepare to arrive at Trailside Nature Center by 9:30 a.m. with programming running until 11:30 a.m. Please allow 45 minutes travel time for arrival at Rumpke by 12:15 p.m., to begin your hour long bus tour of the landfill.

Why: At the Nature Center students will have an interactive program that includes a hike, games and activities about resources, recycling, composting and natural cycles.

The landfill tour will be entirely on the bus. You will observe the working face, the methane gas recovery system, and learn about the many ways our environment is protected from this mountain of garbage. Occasionally Rumpke Landfill must cancel this part of the field trip if weather conditions prevent a safe tour. If Rumpke cancels, Trailside Nature Center will provide an extended program.

Who: Grades 1 through 8, maximum of 50 students per trip with larger group requests limited.

How: To apply for the trip:

Step 1: Print, complete and return this signature form.

Step 2: Complete the below pre-registration form. 

Step 3: Student Reflections must be submitted within 10 days of field trip.

Field trips are limited to not more than four trips per school, per year. Application stays open as long as space is still available.

Questions about this program? Contact Jenny Lohmann at 513-946-7736.

If you are interested in registering with the Recycling Assistance Program (RAP) please contact Cher Mohring at 513-946-7737.