America Recycles Day Application Form

What: FREE America Recycles Day Field Trip to the Zoo

Cost of transportation (up to $255 per bus) and student entrance fees to the zoo subsidized by Hamilton County Recycling and Solid Waste District for those schools registered in the District’s Recycling Assistance Program (RAP).

Where: Cincinnati Zoo and Botanical Garden, 3400 Vine Street, Cincinnati OH 45220

When: November 17, 2017; 9:30am - 2pm.

Who: First through fifth grade students (with one chaperone admitted per ten students). Additional chaperones will need to pay $6.

Why: Students will use a passport to explore the grounds of the Cincinnati Zoo and Botanical Garden to learn how recycling helps not only us but creatures all over the world. Passport experiences revolve around conserving the resources we have to sustain our planet. To participate, students must visit all of the six passport stops.

How: To apply for the trip:

Step 1: Print, complete and return this signature form.

Step 2: Complete the below pre-registration form. Hint: Print form prior to submitting for your records.

Step 3: Student Reflections must be submitted within 10 days of field trip.

Field trips are limited to not more than four trips per school, per year. Application stays open as long as space is still available.

Questions about this program? Contact Jenny.Lohmann at 513-946-7736. 

If you are interested in registering with the Recycling Assistance Program (RAP), please email Cher Mohring or call 513-946-7737.

America Recycles Day Application Form


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There will be one free admission for every 10 students. Any extra chaperones will have to purchase a ticket directly from the Zoo.

Number of Buses*

Bus Reimbursement Request $*

The District will reimburse up to $255 per bus. Contact your transportation manager or provider for a quote.

Student Reflections*

 I agree to return Student Reflections within 10 days of trip. Step 1: Prepare students before the trip with expected learning outcomes. Step 2: Have students debrief in whole group or with a partner focusing on what they learned; why it is important, and how they can use this information in their lives. Step 3: Students should be given time to reflect and the reflections may be submitted in any number of mediums. For instance, the students may opt to create posters, write poems, create a song, write a letter to their local representative, create a video, etc.

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