Target Communities

Village of Fairfax
In 2019, the District worked with the Village of Fairfax to reduce recycling contamination. After completing a preliminary audit of households in the area, the District used targeted outreach measures to teach residents about contamination. These included mailers, billboards, and in-person education. The main contaminant spotlighted in outreach was bagged recyclables (recyclables in a plastic bag).
To measure the success of the outreach, the District performed a pre and post cart audit of Fairfax’s households. To conduct the audit, District staff walked selected streets and inspected all homes with recycling carts at the curb.. After educational outreach, the District measured a 7% decrease in overall contamination and a 42% decrease in bagged recyclables. Read the full Village of Fairfax outreach report.

Lincoln Heights and Arlington Heights
 In 2017 and 2018, the District worked with the villages of Lincoln Heights and Arlington Heights to improve recycling participation and decrease waste. Although work with target communities is ongoing, results from 2017 outreach show these two communities have drastically improved recycling already.

Lincoln Heights began offering residents curbside recycling service in 2017. The District worked with Lincoln Heights community volunteers (see left) to canvas the neighborhood and increase recycling participation. The District’s goal was to increase tons recycled by 25%. Between 2016 and 2017 Lincoln Heights increased curbside and drop off recycling by 886%! Read the full outreach report

Arlington Heights has a subscription-based curbside recycling program. The District worked with Arlington Heights to install a recycling drop-off to give residents access to free recycling. Arlington Heights residents received a mailer promoting the new drop off and what items can and cannot be recycled. The District’s goal was to double the tons recycled within one year. Arlington Heights experienced a 344% increase in tons recycled between 2016 and 2017. Read the full outreach report.

For more information about Target Communities or if your community is interested in becoming a Target Community, please contact Angela Rivera.