Electronics Take-Back Programs

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Some companies take back their brand of computer or recycle your old computer of any brand when you purchase a new system with them. If your computer’s manufacturer is not on the list below, please visit the company’s website.


When you purchase a new Mac system, Apple recycles your old computer from any manufacturer for free. Opt into the program when you purchase the system from an Apple store or on their website. Apple stores also recycle old iPods, iPads and iPhones and give customers a discount on their next purchase. For more information visit Apple's website.

Best Buy

Tech Trade-In: Visit www.bestbuytradein.com to trade in select gently used electronics for a Best Buy gift card.

Customers will be able to drop off up to three items per houseold per day at any of the Minneapolis-based retailer's 1,006 stores throughout the United States. They accept nearly everything electronic, including televisions and monitors up to 32 inches, desktop computers, notebooks, videocassette recorders, DVD players and phones. Console TVs of any size, disassembled TVs and monitors not acceptable.

Visit Best Buy's website for more information.


When you purchase a new Dell product they recycle your old computer of any brand. Ask for the service at the time of purchase. Dell also provides free recycling of any Dell product and low cost recycling of any brand computer regardless if you purchase a new Dell. For more information visit Dell's website.


You receive trade-in credit for your old computer from any manufacturer when you purchase a new Gateway computer. The amount of the trade-in credit depends on the value of your old system. For more information or to receive a no obligation estimate visit Gateway's website.


You receive credit towards the purchase of a new HP computer system when you trade-in your old system for HP to recycle. Register on their website to receive a quote and a pre-paid shipping label. After you purchase a new computer and they receive your old computer, HP sends you a check for the value of your old system. Businesses also receive cash or credit for new systems through the trade-in program. For more information visit HP's website.


Anyone is able to recycle their personal computer through IBM recycling service for $29.99 (including shipping). Customers buying a new IBM can pay for the service at the time of purchase. Register on their website or by calling 1-888-SHOP-IBM. For more information visit IBM's website.


Customers can responsibly recycle any computer, printer, monitor or peripheral items for $10 at Staples’ 1,500 U.S. store locations, without having to make a purchase.

Radio Shack

Customers can return working eligible products, such as MP3 players, wireless phones, game systems, global-positioning satellite receivers, digital cameras and digital camcorders, to stores and immediately receive a RadioShack gift card.

RadioShack's online take-back program also accepts notebook computers, high-definition televisions and computer monitors.


When you purchase a new Toshiba you receive a trade-in credit for your old computer from any manufacturer. Follow the four steps on their website to receive the credit. For more information visit Toshiba's website.


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