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Every year at our District Breakfast on America Recycles Day, the District awards communities with outstanding or significantly improved recycling programs.

Community Highlights

The District recognizes the successful recycling efforts of local communities.

Community Recycling Rates

An overview of recycling information for Hamilton County jurisdictions.


The District sends out an online newsletter twice per year. The WasteLine includes updates on District programs, statistics on recycling in Hamilton County, and helpful information about increasing residential recycling participation. For more information or to be added to the mailing list contact Michelle Balz at 513-946-7789.


Residential Recycling Incentive (RRI)

The District divides $1,050,000 annually in RRI funds among Hamilton County communities as an incentive to increase recycling. As a community increases their recycling rate and tons of materials collected the community receives more RRI funds.

For information regarding the Residential Recycling Incentive program, contact Michelle Balz at 513-946-7789.

District Priority Grant

The District Priority Grant Program will distribute up to $75,000 through competitive grants in 2017. Deadline for submission is September 30, 2016.

For information regarding the District Priority Grant program, contact Cher Mohring at 513-946-7737.

Solid Waste Management Plan

The primary responsibility of the District is to prepare and implement a Solid Waste Management Plan that ensures residents have access to adequate disposal capacity and that complies with state-mandated recycling goals.

Recycling at Work—Assistance with Recycling in Your Office

The District can help you set up recycling in your administration offices or community center. For more information, visit our Recycling at Work page or contact Catherine Walsh at 513-946-7732.

Bar and Restaurant Recycling Assistance

The District can help you set up recycling in your bar or restaurant. For more information, visit our Bar and Restaurant Recycling page or contact Jenny Lohmann at 513-946-7736.

Environmentally Preferable Purchasing Policies

Would your community like to help close the loop by adopting an Environmentally Preferable Purchasing Policy? The District has several sample policies to help make the process easier. For more information contact Holly Christmann at 513-946-7705.

Increase Your Community Recycling Rate

Improving your recycling rate will increase how much your community receives through the Residential Recycling Incentive (RRI) Program and can decrease the amount your community spends on waste disposal. Even with the smallest of budgets, you have the ability to increase your community’s recycling rate.

Event Recycling—Container Loan Program

If you would like to recycle at your organization’s next event, the District can help! We have recycling containers available for loan to any organization sponsoring an event in Hamilton County.

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