Reduce-Reuse-Recycle isn't just a motto, it's a hierarchy. Here are easy ways you can focus on the second “R” - Reuse. Reusing things keeps you from buying new products, which saves you money and is good for the environment. Before buying something new or throwing something away, think about how it can be reused by you or someone else.

Bring Your Own

Buy It Used

Purchasing gently used clothing, books and home goods is an easy way to help the environment and save you money.


Bring It Back

  • Metal hangers can be reused by your dry cleaner.
  • Plastic grocery bags, clean bread bags and plastic produce bags should be returned to the grocery store for recycling. Or better yet, use your own shopping bags at the grocery store!

Drop It Off

Whether you donate or consign, there are a number of shops that will resell your unwanted items. Here's a short list:

Clothing, linens and towels that are damaged, torn or stained can also be donated to Goodwill. These damaged items are recycled into fibers for textiles.

Donate From Your Doorstep

Next time you clean out your closets, remember to donate unwanted clothes, accessories and home goods so they can be reused by someone else. You can even donate right from your doorstep!

Consider donating your vehicle.

Find a complete list of recyclers/reuse outlets providing services to Greater Cincinnati area businesses and residents. 

Your Guide to Reuse:

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Other Resources for Reuse: