Education Programs

Education Programs

The District offers numerous free or partially-subsidized classroom programs focused on reducing waste. For more educator resources, follow our blog, The Green Classroom.

Programs by Keep Cincinnati Beautiful

Cost: Free

Contact: Email or call Kara Luggen at 513-352-4386

Compost Stew: K–8

We will read the book “Compost Stew” and follow along by creating our own batch of “compost.” Students will learn how the earth recycles and why it’s important for us to do things, like compost, to reduce the amount of waste we create. (30 minutes)  

Paper Recycling: Grades K–8
Students learn where paper comes from, its history, its future and why recycling paper is beneficial to the environment. Then they will operate their own paper recycling factory and produce recycled paper right in your classroom. (45 minutes) 

Eco-Art: Grades 2–8
After a brief review and discussion of the three R’s, children will tap into their creative side to explore the reuse leg of the reduce-reuse-recycle triangle. We’ll put into practice the concept of reuse through craft making from an item usually destined for the landfill, which students get to take home! We provide the craft materials but request each class supply its own glue, scissors, and crayons or markers. 

Recycle This!: Grades 2–12
This program involves a discussion about natural resources from which different kinds of packaging are made, our ability to  recycle packaging as well as its biodegradability (or lack thereof). We’ll demonstrate how recycling our packaging saves resources, landfill space, and energy. The program concludes with a game in which students practice sorting their recyclables for curbside collection. (45 minutes) 

The Mystery of Landfills: Grades 3-12
What happens to our trash after it is picked up at the curbside? What is the difference between a dump and a sanitary landfill? How are landfills designed to minimize the effects on solid waste disposal on our environment? Using a model of a landfill to visually depict the components of its design we will discuss the answers to these and other questions. (45 minutes)

Programs by Crystal Clear Sciences

Cost: $55 for schools registered with Let's Stop Waste at School; $10 for low-income schools registered with LSW; $110 per program for schools not registered with the District's LSW (must be within 90 minutes of Cincinnati, Ohio). All programs are 45 minutes.

Contact: E-mail or call 513-553-2252 

Fantastic Plastic: K–12 
This hands-on program teaches kids the rules of recycling plastic. It also covers physical properties of matter and includes great reuse activity ideas. 

Paper Capers: Grades K–12
Students will learn about the importance of the entire recycling loop: buy things that can be recycled, recycle them, and purchase goods made from recycled products. They will also participate in a paper recycling demonstration . 

Recycling Rules: Grades K–12
This hands-on program teaches students the science of solids, liquids and gases while teaching how recyclables are sorted at the facility. Students learn properties of objects as they use physical properties to separate a mixture that contains the resources used to make glass, plastic, paper and aluminum. 

Programs by Mother Nature

Cost$49 for schools registered with Let's Stop Waste at School program; $10 for low-income schools registered with LSW; $98 for schools not registered with the District's RLSW (must be within 60 miles of Loveland, Ohio). Programs are 45 minutes.

Contact: E-mail or call 513-697-8826

Composting: Let it Rot: Pre K - 4
Students will learn about what makes great compost, and then get to role-play creating their own compost pile. Students must deduce what processes need to occur in order for them to remain a viable "microhabitat." Then, working in small groups, students "dissect" compost, sorting, classifying, and charting what they find. A rousing chorus of "Dirt Made My Lunch" helps reinforce that composting is important for everyone.  

Recycling: Where Does Our Garbage Go?  Pre K - 4
Students will watch a brief puppet show about recycling, make recycled paper, sing songs about recycling, and much more!