Recycling Statistics

Forty-eight different political jurisdictions fall within Hamilton County R3Source and almost all provide some form of recycling for their residents.

The recycling rate is the percentage of all waste that is recycled and is calculated as follows: Recycling Rate = Tons of Recyclables/(Tons of Waste + Tons of Recyclables)

Residential Recycling Tonnages

Residential Recycling Tonnages

2013: Rumpke Recycling improved accuracy for calculating recycling drop-off tonnage leading to a decrease in reported residential tons recycled.

Community Diversion Rates

View the Increase Your Community Recycling Rate page for help in increasing your community's diversion rate. (In 2018, Hamilton County switched from recycling rate to diversion rate. Diversion rate includes yard trimming and recycling tonnage.)

A table that shows the top ten Hamilton County community's diversion rates for 2021:

RankingCommunityDiversion Rate
3Terrace Park41.98%
7Indian Hill31.06%
10Blue Ash25.29%

Diversion Rate & Tons Recycled in Hamilton County Communities

The map illustrates the 2021 diversion rate and tons recycled for Hamilton County communities. Diversion rates include yard waste. (Information is updated in early April every year.)