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Annual Reports: Hamilton County Department of Environmental Service

Hamilton County Department of Environmental Service Annual Reports

Target Communities

Target Communities Reports

Each year, the Hamilton County R3Source works with two to three communities to improve their recycling program.

Waste Characterization Studies

Waste Characterization Study Reports

A waste characterization study is an audit of a local waste stream, determining how much paper, glass, food, plastic, and other materials are discarded. Waste characterization information helps local solid waste districts plan how to reduce waste, set up recycling programs, and conserve money and resources, in collaboration with local waste haulers, local governments, and other appropriate partners.

Food Share Study

Food Share Study Reports

In 2015, Amity Elementary School of Deer Park City Schools launched a food share table in their cafeteria. The following report details how students shared food with each other and donated food to a local food pantry.

World Wildlife Federation (WWF) Report

WWF Reports

Several area schools received a grant from the WWF to conduct wasted food audits in their cafeterias. Students benefited from curriculum teaching them how to reduce wasted food.