What simple things could any consumer do to reduce the amount of waste put into landfills?

Buy Recycled-Content Materials

The only way to assure that recycling programs continue is if there is a market for recyclables. Consumers control the marketplace for recyclables through their purchasing practices. Thus, when shopping, be sure to read the labels to see if the product is either made out of or packaged in recycled-content materials.


Every community in Hamilton County has either drop-off or curbside recycling available to their residents. In fact, many Hamilton County communities offer these services at no charge to their residents. Yet, in most communities, only 30% to 40% of the residents choose to participate. If you have these programs and they are offered for free, take advantage of them and participate. Also, if you have access to programs and there is a fee, please still consider participating. The cost of the recycling program, which is between $2 and $4 per month, may seem expensive. However, recycling prolongs the life of our area landfills. If local landfills run out of space and Hamilton County residents have to ship their garbage long distance, they could easily pay an additional $10 a month for garbage collection.

Use Less Stuff

Everybody has extremely busy schedules and convenience items are an essential part of our lives. However, some of these convenient items have a significant amount of excess packaging which is neither recycled-content or is recyclable. When purchasing convenient items, try to select the item which has the least amount of packaging and is packaged in either recycled-content or recyclable materials.

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