Container Loan Request

The Hamilton County Recycling and Solid Waste District (District) has recycling containers available to borrow for any organization sponsoring an event in Hamilton County, Ohio.

  • There is no charge to borrow the containers. However, events that do not return the containers or return them late, significantly soiled, odorous, with stickers affixed, or damaged beyond use will be charged for replacement, cleaning and/or late fees.
  • Containers are reserved in the order properly completed request forms are received.
  • To borrow some of these containers, please complete and submit the below form.
  • Each form submitted is for one event!

Know what you can recycle.

Locate public recycling drop-off locations.

If you have questions about borrowing recycling containers, or need advice on how to set up an event recycling program, contact Gage Bradford at 513-946-7746.

Event Recycling Container Loan Request Form
Contact Name (First & Last)*
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Name of Event*
Event Address*
City, State & Zip*
Event Date(s)*
Total Estimated Number of Attendees/Participants*
Please describe the event at which the containers will be used*
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What items will you collect for recycling*
 Plastic Bottles Aluminum Cans Cardboard
 Glass Bottles Paper Other:
Other Material(s)
 Know what you can recycle.
Where do you plan to recycle the material collected*
 Recycling dumpster on site Public recycling drop-off location, designated below: Other:
Drop-off location OR other location
 Public Recycling Drop-Off Locations
Date of equipment pick up*


Date of equipment return*

Clear-Tainer Container
Replacement Cost: $50/each
Late Return Fee: $10/day
Cleaning Fee: up to $15/each (if needed)
Size: 40" x 25" x 18" (open);
40" x 25" x 3/4" (folded)
Weight: 12 lbs.

Number of Bottles & Cans Clear-Tainers requested
Number of Compost Clear-Tainers requested



Clear-Tainer Sign Holder
Replacement Cost: $15/each
Late Return Fee: $2/day
Cleaning Fee: up to $5/each (if needed)
Size: 22" x 21" (frame); 17" x 11" (sign)
Weight: 1.5 lbs.

Number of Clear-Tainer Sign Holders requested



Clear-Tainer Transporter
(holds up to 20 Clear-Tainers)
Replacement Cost: $500/each
Late Return Fee: $20/day
Cleaning Fee: up to $25/each (if needed)
Size: 36" x 23" x 44"
Weight: 90 lbs. empty
(not including weight of Clear-Tainers)

Number of Clear-Tainer Transporters requested

Security Measure