Recycling Toolkit

Residential Recycling Toolkit

Help improve your community's recycling rate by utilizing this toolkit. You'll find newsletter articles, social media posts, graphics, and videos that you can distribute through your own newsletter and social media channels. 

Newsletter Articles


The following images can be posted on your community's website or used for social media posts. 
Battery Disposal
DYK: Glass
DYK: Pizza Boxes
DYK: Trees
DYK: Tons Recycled

Social Media


2020 Recycling Campaign: Cardboard
Recycling Cardboard Is A Snap!
   Don't Fill Your World with Cardboard!

2019 Summer Recycling Awareness Campaign
  Recycling Coach: Bottles and Jugs
  Recycling Coach: Plastic Bags

2018 Spring Recycling Awareness Campaign
   Because What We Do Matters! "Enlightened"
   Because What We Do Matters! "Here's To The Ones"

Recycle Right: Fast Food Bags
Recycle Right: Glassware
Recycle Right: Plastic Bags
Recycle Right: Plastic Bottles
Rumpke: What is a Materials Recovery Facility?

Flyers and Fact Sheets

Contact Information

 Gage Bradford, Community Specialist, 513-946-7746