Event Recycling

Holding an event in Hamilton County? Borrow our highly visible, well-labeled recycling containers. We provide the containers and plastic liners for free. You are responsible for collecting and recycling the material.

Request containers with our Container Loan Request Form. Containers are available on a first-come, first-serve basis.

Bottles & Cans
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Recycling Tips

When you just cannot reduce or reuse an item, follow these simple steps to make sure recyclables are saved from the landfill.  

Get the Word Out

  • During the event, remind patrons to recycle plastic bottles and cans, and remind vendors to recycle their cardboard. 

Know What Can and Cannot be Recycled

Most events will have recyclable bottles and cans from patrons and cardboard from vendors. No cups are currently recyclable locally. Know what can and cannot be recycled and where recyclables can be dropped off.

Use Only Clear Bags

Only use clear bags for collecting recyclables. If recyclables are in a bag that is not transparent, workers at the recycling plant may assume it is garbage and landfill it.

Place Recycling Containers Near Trash Cans

For every recycling container, there should be a garbage can almost touching it to discourage contamination. If you have too much contamination, it is likely that all the material will be landfilled.

Post Clear Signage

Provide good signage, with photos, of what can be recycled at each recycling container. If you borrow the District's containers, they are equipped with proper signage. Also consider placing signs that say "Recycle These" where drinks are served in bottles and cans. 

Reducing and Reusing Tips

Conserve resources and save money by preventing waste in the first place.

Click here for a list of ideas!

  • If selling beverages in cups, offer discounts for patrons who bring their own.

  • Serve meals on reusable plates and bowls instead of plastic.

  • Use cloth napkins instead of paper napkins.

  • Use reusable, instead of disposable, towels for cleaning jobs like wiping down tables.

  • Use napkins instead of disposable plates for “finger foods”.

  • Make printed programs about the event optional. Better yet, eliminate them all together by posting information on a large centralized display board or providing an electronic copy with the confirmation.

  • Serve condiments in bulk rather than in single servings.

  • Rent decorations.

  • Coordinate ahead of time to donate leftover, edible, food to a pantry or soup kitchen

  • Sell souvenir cups for beverages and offer a discount for refills. Bonus, most patrons will take them home and reuse them for years, promoting your event.

  • Donate floral arrangements and decorations to nursing homes, homeless shelters, schools, group homes, or hospitals.

  • Upcycle banners into collectables with Relan

If you have any questions or would like assistance with waste reduction or setting up your recycling program, contact Cher Mohring at 513-946-7737.