What Can I Recycle?

Curbside & Drop-Off Recycling


See Rumpke's Fact Sheet on Tubs


  • Paper: Flatten your cardboard boxes and keep free of greasy boxes.
  • Plastic: For bottle and jugs, if the mouth is smaller than the base it is recyclable. The new addition of plastic tubs includes yogurt containers, individual fruit, applesauce, pudding, jello cups, butter, sour cream, cottage cheese tubs, specialty dips such as hummus tubs, etc. - make sure to reattach the lid.
  • Metal: Non-hazardous materials only. Make sure the can is empty and remove the plastic tip.
  • Glass: Rinse out as best as possible.

Recycling Tips

  • Mix all items together - no separation required
  • Keep items loose: Do not bag your recyclables
  • Empty all bottles, jugs, and cans
  • No need to remove labels
  • For plastic bottles: empty, crush, and reattach lids
  • For glass bottles and jars: rinse out and leave lids loose
  • For cartons: remove plastic caps and straws
  • For tubs: rinse and reattach lids

Not for Curbside or Drop-Off Recycling (not an all inclusive  list)

don't recycle

No receipts, plastic bags, cassette tapes, bed sheets, clothing hangers, metal chains, garden hoses, batteries, needles, syringes, electronics, polystyrene foam, EPS (hard, rigid styrofoam), buckets, plastic salad boxes, blueberry, strawberry, etc. containers, car parts, food, yard trimmings, light bulbs, drinking glasses, ceramics, pots & pans, scrap metal, etc.

If it is not on the above list, it is not an acceptable item.

Some of the items above have special recycling and reuse outlets. Visit here for more information.